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Cervical Decompression

What Is Cervical Decompression?

Cervical decompression is used to treat neck pain. This procedure gently stretches the head away from the neck and the rest of the body. With this gentle change, the pressure is taken off the vertebrae. When this happens, it can also help discs that are bulging or herniated retract which relieves pressure and allows for the muscles to relax. This relief can promote the movement of oxygen and water to the discs to promote healing. If you feel you could benefit from cervical decompression in the Lexington, NC area, visit our chiropractor at Greystone Chiropractic.


How Does It Work?

This process involves a chiropractor having the patient lay down on a table. The chiropractor then gently pulls the head slightly away from the neck while holding the position for a while. After releasing the head and resting for a moment, the process is then repeated. The amount of time of holding the position and the rest period in between will vary based on the chiropractor’s judgment. In order to provide the best results, the chiropractor may make adjustments to the positioning as the sessions progress. This is not painful at all and should have no adverse effects on the patient.

What Does It Treat?

Cervical decompression is a therapy that is an alternative to medication and surgery to help promote the health of the spine. The spine naturally degenerates over time as a result of use, bad posture, or accidents. These variables can cause the development of conditions such as herniated discs or arthritis of the spine. The spine is a complex system of nerves, joints, and discs. Cervical decompression reduces the pressure that can be put on the nerves around the spine during regular use.

Why Choose Greystone Chiropractic?

Greystone Chiropractic consists of our chiropractor Dr. Nicholas Gonzales and his staff who are dedicated to providing you with the best care for your health and wellness. We believe in tailoring to the individual needs of our patients. Dr. Gonzales uses his extensive background in health and wellness to help his patients recover from chronic conditions such as neck pain. He is especially interested in helping his patients recover from sports injuries to help them get back to doing what they love. Contact Greystone Chiropractic in Lexington today at (336) 243-5433 to find out how we can help you on your path to wellness.

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